Yoga for Trauma Recovery

Yoga as a Tool for Trauma Recovery

Spring 2015 marked the third and final year of Butler County’s Problem Gambling Mini-Grants. Intersections Wellness increased its level participation in this much-needed effort, by adding a train-the-trainer component to the previous two years’ well-received Yoga for Trauma Recovery and Problem Gambling program.  As in previous years, Intersections Wellness collaborated with Keystone Wellness Programs (formerly Community Health Challenge) to offer trauma-focused yoga instruction, healthy snacks, and problem gambling education to women in Victim Outreach Intervention Center’s (VOICe) supportive housing program.  The women (as well as some children who chose to take part!) reported that they enjoyed and benefitted from learning yoga and mindfulness skills that help them to manage and alleviate symptoms of PTSD which, when not addressed, often lead to compulsive and addictive behaviors.  Then, at VOICe’s and Butler County’s request, IW Director Paula Soto conducted Yoga for Mental Health and Trauma Recovery trainings for VOICe staff and for the County’s social service professionals.  Butler County Human Services’ Drug &Alcohol Program Supervisor, Beth Ehrenfried-Neveux, reported, “Paula’s educational programs have addressed a specifically identified service gap…We realize that our goal to create a “paradigm shift” in which everyone in our communities will approach their professional and personal relationships in a more trauma-informed manner is a huge undertaking, but Paula’s unique talents, skills and techniques are significantly helping us to reach that goal.”

Intersections Wellness is available to conduct trauma-informed yoga workshops tailored to the needs of community organizations, schools and mental health providers.  Please contact us to explore this opportunity.