Testimonials – Trauma Foundations Trainings

Honestly, this training changed my life and will probably continue to change the lives of my clients.


Testimonials – Trauma Foundations Training


I was very wary of this training before attending. I waited last minute to get my CEUs and that is what I was left with. I was pleasantly surprised. The training was perfectly paced from a social work perspective. I learned a lot about yoga and how yoga can be a vital tool in healing. I have already started using the tools I learned in this training with about half of my clients. I downloaded an app to start using yoga myself. Honestly, this training changed my life and will probably continue to change the lives of my clients. – Mental Health Professional


I gained awareness and practical knowledge about professional boundaries, physical adjustments, and trauma-informed instruction techniques that I use in my teaching. The information on the physical dimension of trauma was fascinating and helpful. I realized that traumatic events probably never leave us entirely, and thus continue to inform our lives and our behavior every day. – Yoga Teacher


This workshop for me was incredible. On a professional level it was so interesting to see how important collaboration is between the two disciplines; as a yoga practitioner it really got me thinking about doing my teachers training; and as a human, it gave me tools that I could use myself. – Mental Health Professional


As a mental health professional with no knowledge pertaining to yoga instruction, I found the workshop very informative and helpful with regards to expanding my own principles of yoga and how to make appropriate referrals for clients by gaining insight into approaches that yoga instructors can implement to empower clients and make yoga a very positive and helpful experience. – Mental Health Professional


It was great to learn the importance of movement in healing trauma, since traumatic memories reside deep in the “old brain”, where movement is controlled, and talk therapy does not reach. A number of mini Yoga sequences were taught as part of this workshop which were very helpful and inspiring for creating my class sequences. – Yoga Teacher


I am both a therapist and yogi, so I appreciated both days and didn’t find anything too redundant. The concept of listening with newness, or as if it was the first time, allowed me to hear things in a different way, even if I’d heard them before. – Yoga Teacher and Mental Health Professional


The workshop was so interactive – that was so helpful. – Mental Health Professional


It was inspiring to be in a room filled with people who have the same mission as I do – to connect yoga to mental health treatment. – Yoga Teacher and Mental Health Professional


Thank you both so much for your dedication, your compassionate guidance, and for sharing your expertise with all of us at the Trauma Informed training. I have enjoyed using “buzzing breath” with my yoga and stress management students, among other things I learned in the workshops. I truly appreciate the resources you sent. Most of all it has been encouraging to meet like-minded souls, and to find support for what we are all trying to do.– Yoga Teacher and Mental Health Professional