Morado Dwellings Youth Wellness Program

Yoga and Wellness with the Youth of Morado Dwellings Housing
and Tiger Pause Youth Ministry


Youth Yoga at Tiger Pause After School Program, Morado Dwellings

Youth Yoga at Tiger Pause After School Program, Morado Dwellings – with Heather Forsythe and Nicole Gartz


20130601_133816 (1) (800x600)Intersections Wellness began bringing fun wellness activities to the kids at Morado Dwellings, a residential project of HACB, in January 2013, offering yoga classes to a group of fantastic kids who showed up every other Saturday afternoon at Morado Dwellings’ Community Room, eager to practice.  They enjoyed the breathing and visualization exercises, the stretching, games and poses – they especially had fun making up their own poses and trying each out each others’ ideas.  IW non-teaching volunteers gave their hearts and hands as welcomers, encouragers, and healthy snack preparers and servers.   Volunteer Tammy Bogden described a special moment:

“One of my favorite moments about the experience was when one of the children told us about the pose he had practiced at home with a big smile on his face. It was so rewarding to know the kids were taking what they learned home with them and looking forward to the next class!”

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Subsequent seasons of the program brought new and exciting opportunities for the kids to have fun with other wellness activities, such as drumming offered by volunteer Rick Parsons of Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center and ZumbAtomic provided by B-Well Nation.

What started as a 100% volunteer-supported program evolved into a successful, grant-funded yoga service program, that served youth both at Morado Dwellings, and at a community-based summer day camp run by Tiger Pause Youth Ministry.

Intersections Wellness celebrates the dedication and enthusiasm of the Housing Authority of the County of Beaver, B-Well Nation Fitness, Lincoln Park Center for Performing Arts, Sangha Center for Yoga and Wellness, Tiger Pause Youth Ministry, all of our youth teachers, supporters and encouragers over the years, for making this wonderful program possible.

A fourteen week curriculum was developed, so that the program can be readily implemented by other teachers in other settings.  Special thanks for consultation on the development of this program goes to Yoga In Schools and Childlight Yoga, two of the amazing organizational members of the Yoga Service Council.

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