Counseling and Coaching

Paula Soto, Licensed Social Worker, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, and trained EMDR therapist, specializes in the treatment of trauma/abuse, anxiety, depression, women’s issues, and adolescents. Her approach is humanistic, based on the belief that each of us has an inherent drive toward health and wholeness; and each person is worthy of compassion and acceptance.   Ms. Soto offers Counseling and Wellness Coaching in a private office, conveniently located in downtown Beaver, Pennsylvania.


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You are a human being: not a disorder, a diagnosis, or a list of symptoms.

Life is joyful and full of wonders. Life is also stressful. The reality is that all of us encounter suffering, injustice and tragedy on a daily basis. We each, in our own ways, adapt to life. Often the problems that we have, are normal adaptations to ongoing and complex life stressors. But when these adaptations keep us from a sense of contentment, security and growth, it is wise to seek help. Anyone who has had trouble with anxiety, depression, or with letting go of unhealthy habits knows that change is not simply mind over matter. Our logical understand how we ought to be thinking, feeling and behaving; but something in us takes over, keeping us stuck in old ways of thinking, experiencing and relating. Our nervous systems get triggered into fight-flight-or-freeze state, and can remain stuck there. Effective treatment teaches us to recalibrate the nervous system, to honor our emotions, and to act from our wisdom. For many clients, learning to notice tolerate, and manage sensations in the body is foundational to healing. From there, we can benefit from Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other effective treatment modalities (such as medication when needed), as well as complementary lifestyle choices such as creative outlets and social support.

Whether you choose Counseling or Coaching, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Map out a Wellness or Treatment Plan that is realistic and obtainable – a plan that addresses each aspect of your life where you would like to find increased satisfaction.
  • Receive professional, compassionate and confidential support as you navigate each challenge.
  • Learn skills to effectively regulate your emotions and communicate your ideas and needs, so that you increase your sense of well-being, inner-strength and contentment.
  • Learn to identify and free yourself from unhelpful thought, behavior, and emotional patterns that are hindering your progress.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.  Some insurances accepted; a sliding scale is available for self-pay clients.

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